Frequently Asked Questions

moove FAQs provide you with quick support and offer detailed information for everyone who wants to know all the details.

1. General infos

What is moove?

moove helps you to stay fit and healthy in a way that integrates into your everyday working life and is tailored to your needs. moove combines traditional CHM with the latest technologies such as an online portal and apps, making it easy for you to do something for your health anywhere and at any time. You are offered exactly the support you require - a healthier diet, an improved ability to deal with stress, or more fitness. The moove portal is the central controlling unit for all the moove health programmes and provides you with direct access to your personal health information and measures.

Why should I take part in moove?

moove is fun and motivating, and offers you personal support for your health. You will get an overview of your current health status and you can structure a personal health programme with tangible goals based on your results. The anonymity of your information is guaranteed at all times.

Which devices is moove compatible with?

moove is a digital platform, so it can be accessed on any computer (login at any time at: or on a tablet. We also provide a moove app that you can use to integrate moove easily in your daily routine. moove's innovative digital solutions can help you to improve your everyday life.

How does the registration process work?

You will receive an e-mail invitation containing your personal registration link. When you click on this link, you will be redirected to the registration page, where you can set your password. After you set your password, your profile will be activated and you can start using moove immediately.

2. Data protection and Profile Management

What changes can I make in the moove Profile Management?

In the moove Profile Management, you have full control over your personal information. Here you can edit your profile or delete your account.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

No problem! On the homepage ( you will find a button for resetting your password.

Can I take part completely anonymously?

moove is divided into two separate areas: the moove Profile Management and the health portal itself. Your sensitive health-related details from the portal can therefore never be associated with your personal details in the Profile Management.

Can my employer see my answers?

No, your employer is never able to view your personal health data.

How secure is my information?

The personal information that you enter in your profile when you register is stored on a server at a data centre appointed by vitaliberty. Your health-related data are stored on a separate computer system. This ensures clear separation of your personal registration data and your health-related information at any time. A unique identification number is generated for your user account. The subsequent processing of your health data takes place only by means of this identification number (pseudonymisation). Your health data is not passed to any third party, not even vitaliberty, which could allow your identity to be inferred. You have the opportunity to create a consolidated health report and save it in the moove health portal. These personal health reports are only accessible by you and are not passed on to any third party, not even your employer.

Who can view my information/answers?

You are the only person with access to your information. If your company has booked the coaching option, the health coach can access your details in the "My Health Status" area during your personal consultation - naturally, only with your consent. This access is limited to one hour. The coach cannot access your information again subsequently.

Where are my data/answers stored?

Your data and answers are stored in the data safe of the moove portal under a key number. This is protected by several firewalls to ensure that no-one can access your data from outside.

How can I process my profile information?

You can manage and process your personal data in the moove Profile Management.

How can I delete my profile in the moove Profile Management?

You can delete your profile via the button "Delete my account" in the moove Profile Management.

How can I change my name?

Contact the administrator in your company. They will be able to change your name.

3. My Questionnaires

What is the purpose of the questionnaires?

The different questionnaires are there to record your current health status and identify potential problem areas and opportunities for improvement. The topic-specific questionnaires can suggest personal goals for you with corresponding activities to help you achieve these goals.

Which different questionnaires are there?

Apart from the corporate health survey, there are currently topic-specific questionnaires relating to fitness, healthy diet and stress.

How long does the questionnaire take?

The corporate health survey takes around 20 minutes to complete.

Can I pause completion of the questionnaire and continue it later?

Yes, you can pause completion of the questionnaire at any time and save it in its current state. The next time you open the questionnaire you can continue with your answers in the same place.

How long do I have to complete the questionnaires?

In principle, it is possible to complete the questionnaires at any time during the programme. However, it is best if you fill in the questionnaires as quickly as possible in order to be able to use the other areas of the portal.

Can I correct my answers?

Yes, you can change your answers at any time. To do this, click on the relevant questionnaire.

Do I have to fill out the questionnaires?

The questionnaires serve as the foundation of your health report. Personal health goals and activities to improve your health are suggested to you based on the answers you provide. To enable these to be tailored as closely as possible to your individual needs, it is helpful for us to find out as much as possible about you through the questionnaires.

Do I have to answer all the questions?

To enable us to suggest personalised health goals to you, you should answer as many questions as possible. Of course, there are also optional questions that you can skip over, but you must complete at least 50% of the questionnaire in order to receive your evaluation results.

How valid are my evaluation results?

For all topic areas, validated scales are used that have been normalised in national and international studies (e.g. the Work Ability Index of Illmarinen & Lehtinen, 2004 or the COPSOQ questionnaire for measuring psychological stress by Nübling et al., 2005).

4. My Health Status

How should I interpret the results overview?

The results overview provides you with a summary of where you are in comparison with the average population in respect of the individual areas assessed.

Where can I find my health report?

Your personal health report may be found in PDF format on the moove portal at "My Health Status".

Who can see my health report?

You are the only person with access to your health report. No-one else may view this information.

How can I improve my results?

Individual goals with corresponding activities are suggested to you on the basis of your results.

5. My Programme


What can I do and what information can I enter under "Goals"?

This is where you will find the personal goals which are suggested to you on the basis of the results of your health questionnaires. You are free to choose which of these goals you wish to achieve.


What is an Online Training?

In an online training session you are provided with topic-specific content in a compact format for learning and practising. You can access the content online from anywhere and at any time. In the Fitness programme area, for example, you can find flexibility exercises which you can do conveniently at home. You will need around 5-30 minutes to complete a session successfully.

What does an Online Training include?

Each programme area (Stress, Healthy Diet, Fitness) provides relevant content for you to learn and practise. The Stress Management Programme, for example, provides information and exercises to help prevent stress, enabling you to get through the day with less tension.

Where can I find my Online Training?

If online training sessions are suggested to you within the context of your selected goals, you will find them in your Activities list.


How do I record my progress?

On the startpage and in the "Activities" area you will find all the activities which will help you move closer to achieving your health goals every day. Here you can record your progress for each activity.

Mobile Apps

How can I download the apps to use with moove?

An overview of the apps that you can use with moove, and the corresponding links for direct download from the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store or Windows Store may be found under "Apps" in the "My Programme" area.

Where and how can I download the moove app?

The app may be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Or you enter the search term "moove" or "vitaliberty" to see the app that you can download.

How do I log into the moove app?

The required login credentials are the same as your login details for the moove portal.

What can I do with the moove app?

The moove app lets you check your daily activities at any time and helps you to better integrate moove in your daily life. The app shows you your scheduled activities for the day and lets you know what activities are planned for the following day. You can tick off activities, watch videos, listen to audio files and download PDF files in the app.

Why can I not continue in the moove app after the login?

Before you can use the moove App, you have to complete the startup questionnaire and select your goals in the moove portal on your desktop or tablet.

Which mobile devices are compatible with the moove app?

The exact list of devices and versions that are supported may be found in the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Can I also use other apps with moove?

Fitbit, Garmin Connect, Runkeeper and Nokia Health Mate are already available with moove. If you selected an appropriate fitness goal, you can choose in the "Apps" area which app you want to connect to moove. You will then be redirected to the app's website. There you can sign in with your app login details and give moove access rights to your data. Afterwards, you can easily track your progress for your specific goals with the fitness sensors and apps.

How can the apps help me?

All data are automatically transferred to the moove portal. You therefore don't need to manually tick off the corresponding activities; instead, your goals are automatically updated based on the app data.

Fitness Programme

How is the training programme structured?

On the one hand the training programme consists of a general fitness programme designed for a total period of one year. On the other hand there is a 12-week back health programme. Every 16 weeks, the questionnaire needs to be completed again. The general fitness programme and the back health programme automatically adapts to the new test results.

What activites/goals can I track with Fitbit?

Simply choose a step or storey goal and connect Fitbit with moove in the "App" section. The details are then automatically synchronised every night. You can also track the following activities with Fitbit: Running and walking.

What activites can I track with Runkeeper?

You can track the following activities with Runkeeper: Running, walking, cycling, mountain biking, in-line skating and swimming. Go to the "App" section to connect these activities with Runkeeper. The details are then automatically synchronised every night.

What activites/goals can I track with Garmin Connect?

Simply choose a step goal and connect Garmin Connect with moove in the "App" section. The details are then automatically synchronised every night. You can also track the following activities with Garmin Connect: Running and walking.

What activites/goals can I track with Nokia Health Mate?

Simply choose a step goal and connect Nokia Health Mate with moove in the "App" section. The details are then automatically synchronised every night. You can also track the following activities with Nokia Health Mate: Running and walking.

What activites/goals can I track with Polar Flow?

Simply choose a step goal and connect Polar Flow moove in the "App" section. The details are then automatically synchronised every night. You can also track the following activities with Polar Flow: Running and walking.

I don't want to carry out a particular activity, e.g. swimming. What can I do?

In the activity, simply click on the "Never again" link to remove it permanently. Please note that it's important to vary your training.

Why am I being asked to complete the fitness questionnaire again?

We will check your current fitness level based on the fitness questionnaire to ensure that the training program is adapted dynamically.



The questions below are relevant only if your company has booked the coaching option.

How can I reserve an appointment with a health coach?

If you visit the "My Programme" page, you will see the "Online Coaching" area. Here you can see times and dates when the coaches are available. Simply choose one and reserve an appointment.

Can I change appointments that I have reserved?

Yes. Once you have reserved an appointment, you can go back into the appointments planner in the "Coaches" area to cancel an appointment and reserve a new time and date. However, please cancel your appointment at least 48 hours before your appointment is due to start, to enable another participant to reserve that time slot.

I called up too late, and didn't reach anyone. What should I do?

Please wait a few minutes and try again.

Can the health coach see my health report?

No, the coach only has access to your results overview at "My Health Status", but only once you have personally approved this access and only for the period of one hour during the call.

6. moove Challenge

The questions below are only relevant to you if your company has booked a challenge.

How can I participate in the challenge?

You need the moove app to participate in the challenge. The app is available for devices with at least iOS 10 or Android 4.4. You can download the moove app at the Google Play Store or at the iTunes App Store and then install it. After that you only need to confirm your participation in the challenge - this can be done from the Monday when the challenge begins.

It is especially easy to participate in the challenge if you connect your fitness tracker to the moove app, so that you don't need to think about entering your steps manually into the app every day. Your daily number of steps can be imported by Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, Nokia Health Mate or Polar Flow.

Why is there no data displayed for the challenge?

In the week before the challenge no data is displayed. This week is for preparation only and not for collection of steps yet. It can also happen that data is still not displayed during the challenge. This is when the minimum number of participants has not yet been reached. A certain number of people must participate in the challenge so that your participation in the moove challenge can remain anonymous. When the minimum number of participants of five people in one or, in case of a group challenge, in at least two groups is reached, your total number of steps will also be displayed in the moove app.

Can other participants or my employer see my personal data and my step numbers?

Your personal performance and number of steps can only be seen by you. It can't be worked out by your colleagues our your employer either, because the steps of all participants are shown only as a sum or on average, if no conclusion on the activity of a single person can be drawn. In this way, you remain completely anonymous during the moove challenge.

How do I reach the details page of the challenge?

In the moove app you see several visualisations at the top. Through the visualisation of the challenge you can reach the details page. Simply tap on "details". On the details page you can find further information on the challenge and on your performance and the performance of your group.

I don't want to participate in the moove challenge any longer. What can I do?

You can reach a details page though the visualisation of the challenge. At the bottom of it you will find a link "Stop participating in the challenge". When you tap on this link, your participation in the challenge will be cancelled. Keep in mind, if you leave the challenge once, you can not join again.

Which fitness tracker can I connect to the moove challenge?

On Android you can connect the moove challenge either to Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, Nokia Health Mate or Polar Flow. Apple Health is additionally available on iPhones. Apple Health and Google Fit are in turn compatible with some other fitness trackers - so you have a wide selection of tracking possibilities at your disposal.

Can I participate without a fitness tracker?

Yes, it is possible to participate without a fitness tracker*. You can track your steps with Apple Health or Google Fit or you can use a mechanical step counter. How you enter your steps: Just click on the "Done"-Button of the Challenge activity and enter your steps in the dialogue window. The possibility "manual input" is also described in the instructions for the connectivity of fitness trackers and apps. 

*If this possibility is not displayed on your device, it has been deactivated by your employer.

The instructions for the connectivity of fitness trackers and apps display more possibilities than the ones I have available. Where can I find the other possibilities?

Your employer has the possibility of making a certain selection of fitness trackers available to you. If a possibility is not displayed on your device, it has been deactivated by your employer.

How can I connect my fitness tracker to the moove challenge?

Through the visualisation of the challenge you can reach a details page. There all the fitness trackers available to you are displayed. Simply tap on the fitness tracker you would like, log in with the access details of your tracker if required and allow moove to have access to your data.

In these videos you will be shown how you connect the respective tracker with the moove Challenge:

Garmin Connect

Apple Health

Google Fit



I can't connect to the fitness tracker I would like or to any other fitness tracker because the are grayed out. What can I do?

If some trackers are grayed out, you are already connected to another tracker. You can always connect the moove challenge only to one fitness tracker. If you would like to change the settings, you must first cancel the existing connection. You can then connect to the fitness tracker you would like.

Manual input

When I want to connect to Fitbit an error message appears. What can I do?

In order to successfully establish a connection to Fitbit, you need to allow moove to access all your data shown in Fitbit. If you deactivate a data type, the moove app cannot connect to Fitbit and an error message appears in the moove app.

How can I synchronise my daily number of steps?

On the details page of the challenge you can synchronise the number of steps of your connected fitness tracker at any point – simply tap on "Sync". Your number of steps is also synchronised several times a day automatically.

Is my daily number of steps also synchronised automatically?

Yes, if you have successfully established a connection with your fitness tracker, your steps are automatically synchronised late in the evening.

I have entered or synchronised the steps in my external fitness app (e.g. Google Fit) and then synchronised these data in the moove app too. Why don't they appear?

If you have entered or synchronised the steps in external apps such as Google Fit or Fitbit, the transfer to the moove app can result in a delay. After maximum 30 minutes you should be able to synchronise the steps in your moove app once again and then also see them there.

Why are my activities not checked off, when I have synchronised a sufficient number of steps?

The connection that you have established via the moove app is only valid for the activities of the challenge. Other step activities (such as "Take 5,000 steps or more today") are not synchronised with the fitness tracker connected via the moove app. You can however also connect these activities via the moove portal on your desktop or tablet with Fitbit, Garmin Connect or Nokia Health Mate.

Is it possible to synchronise my steps a few days later? For example, if I’ve been on vacation and had no internet access.

If you already take part in the challenge and have connected a fitness tracker to the challenge, the steps of the last seven days can be synchronised ex post as soon as you have an existing internet connection. To do that, your fitness tracker must be able to save the steps of the past days.

The synchronisation can either be triggered manually on the details page of the challenge or you are waiting for the steps to be automatically synchronised in the late evening. Unlike the synchronisation, the manual entry of the steps in the moove app is only possible for the previous day.

Can I change my fitness tracker during the moove challenge?

Yes, you can. Changing the fitness tracker however requires you to cancel the current connection to your other fitness tracker. If you have not synchronised your number of steps before cancelling it, this can cause the loss of some steps. In order to avoid this as much as possible, please consider the following sequence when you change: first synchronise the data of your current fitness tracker, disconnect this tracker and then connect to the new fitness tracker.

Can I change my smartphone during the moove challenge?

Yes, you can. You simply have to install the move app also on the new device. Please note however that when you change from an iPhone to an Android device, Apple Health is no longer available as a tracking possibility. Before changing you should therefore in any case disconnect from Apple Health. Even when changing form iPhone to iPhone, it is necessary to first cancel the existing connection to Apple Health and then to reconnect Apple Health on the new device.

How can I cancel the connection to my fitness tracker again?

On the details page of the challenge you can see your connected fitness tracker. There you can also cancel the connection again at any point.

The moove challenge is finished, but I still haven't disconnected my fitness tracker. Can I still disconnect it from the moove app afterwards?

That isn’t necessary, as the connection to your fitness tracker is cancelled automatically after the moove challenge.

Why does a message appear asking whether I have really took so many steps once I have entered my number of steps into the moove app?

The moove challenge only allows the entry of a certain number of steps a day. If you have exceeded this number, this error message appears. If you have done more steps on this day, you can add the remaining number of steps the next day.

In the manual for the connectivity of fitness trackers and apps it says that you can also enter steps in the moove app manually. Why does it not work for me?

Your employer has the possibility of deactivating the manual entry of steps. If this is the case, the "Done" button is not visible for you in the challenge activity. You can then synchronise your daily number of steps only via a fitness tracker. If you have been able to enter steps manually during the challenge until now, you can do the following: please check your internet connection, then close the app, restart it and after that try to enter your steps manually once again.

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